Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Emilie de Ravin

Cinderella is the star of the Disney princesses. The movie she was in was 'surprisingly' called "Cinderella." Cinderella, who loses her mother and father at a young age, grows up with an evil step mother and two evil step sisters who force her to clean and take care of them. Cinderella is your typical blonde hair, blue-eyed babe. I would describe her as positive, animal friendly, and persistant.

Emilie de Ravin is gorgeous, and fits the image of the queen of all the princesses, Cinderella. They both have big blue eyes and beautiful long locks. Plus as a bonus Emilie is an insanely good actress. You may know her as Brenda Carter from "The Hills have Eyes," as Ally Craig in the romatic movie "Remember Me," or most notably as Clair Littleton on the tv phenomena "Lost."

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