Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Maggie Q


Released right before "Tarzan," came the Oriental hit "Mulan." Mulan, the main character, struggles to find her place in a world of men, while still honouring her country and family. Mulan has long (or cut short) black hair, with slanted eyes and light pink lips. I would describe Mulan as brave, independent and honourable.

Maggie Q was an easy choice. Not only is Mulan a kick-ass character but Maggie Q fits that persona perfectly in her new show "Nikita." They also have many similar facial features. You may recognize Maggie Q from "Nikita," the adrenaline pumping "Live Free or Die Hard," where she played Mai Linh, or from the hilarious comedy "Balls of Fury."


  1. I'd say Jamie Chung. You know, someone who's ACTUALLY CHINESE.