Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Princess Kida (Kidagakash)

Princess Kida

Nicki Minaj

Princess Kida is not as well know as the rest of the Disney girls, but she is still a tribal princess. Princess Kida appeared in "Atlantis: The Lost Empire." She had ethereal white hair against dark tanned skin. I would describe her as adventurous, mystic and wise.

Okay so I know Nicki Minaj is not an actress, but I was having some trouble finding someone who looked like Kida. I also agree that in a lot of cases Nicki does not look anything like Kida, but you have to admit this picture bares strong resemblence. The white hair, the round eyes, and the light pink lips. You may know Nicki for some of her songs such as "Moment for Life," and "Dungeon Dragon."


  1. Annasophia Robb looks like Kida!!

  2. how does it resemble , now your putting random photos!seriously?